Below is a list of all the opportunities that SWE-MN has available for sponsorship.
If you or your company is interested in helping SWE-MN by sponsoring an activity, please contact Cassie and
Jesse at fd@swe-mn.org. More information and a printable packet can be found by checking out our FY12 Sponsorship Packet.
Thank you for supporting SWE-MN!


Professional Development Opportunties

Geared towards providing members networking, career development, leadership, and continuing education events.

Speaker Events
Companies can sponsor a speaker event by providing the speaker, event location, and/or dinner for attendees. These events range from fifteen to thirty people. The estimated cost of food is $100-150 per event. The typical fee to attend a speaker event is $11 for members, $14 for non-members, and free of cost for college students. Past speaker events have included topics about lean engineering, prototyping, and global markets.

Facilities Tour

Companies can donate a free tour of their facility, taking SWE members through their engineering and/or manufacturing process. Past tours have included the Caribou Coffee manufacturing floor, a flour mill, and a prototyping shop.

Fall Open House
The Fall Open House is a free event for members and others interested in learning about SWE-MN. The event consists of dinner and a presentation about SWE-MN, as well as time for to network and learn about the various SWE-MN committees. Typical attendance is around 50 people. Companies can sponsor the event by providing a location, food, and service. Estimated cost is $1000-$1200.

National Conference Recap
Attendees from the recent national conference provide members with a recap of the conference, including any interesting seminars or advice learned from other SWE societies. It is held at a local company and dinner is provided; the company can choose to host the event and/or sponsor the food. The typical cost to attend the recap is $11 for members, $14 for non-members, and free of cost for college students. This event ranges from fifteen to thirty people. The estimated cost of food is $100-$150.

Spring Seminar
The annual Spring Seminar is an all-day professional development event, typically held on a Saturday. The spring seminar is centered around topics of interest to SWE members, including the opportunity for members to earn continuing education credits. Companies can sponsor both the event location and food. In addition, there is opportunity to sponsor supplies, speaker fees, registration gifts, door prizes, and speaker/volunteer “Thank You” gifts. Registration fees are $50 for members, $60 for non-members, and free of cost for college students. Past Spring Seminars average around 100 attendees. Sponsorship of the entire event is around $5000; sponsorship of meals is around $1000.

Picnic with other Engineering Societies
This event offers SWE-MN members the opportunity to participate in games with members of other engineering societies. It is normally held at an area park, and dinner is provided. The typical cost to attend the picnic is $11 for members, $14 for non-members, FREE for college students. Attendance ranges from 30 to 40 people. Sponsorship costs $300-350.

Outreach Opportunities

Our outreach program is designed to provide science/math/engineering events to children and promote engineering.

Sponsor a student to attend an outreach event
Companies can choose to sponsor students to attend a the SWE-MN Outreach events. At these events, students will do four hands-on science/math experiments that will expose them to engineering principles and engineers. The average cost to put on an outreach event is $25/student; this includes (estimated costs):
- a T-shirt, $8.00
- three to four hands-on experiments, $4.50
- lunch, $4.00
- facility fees/transportation, $6.50
- printing supplies, $ 0.50
- SWE brochures, $0.50
- advertisements (mailing postage), $1.00

The Works (a hands-on science museum in Edina) hosts an event every February that invites kids to come and do hands-on science activities; typically attendance is 2000 kids. SWE hosts a room for students to do an experiment. Companies can sponsor the experiment supplies for this event. Typical costs are $500 for experiment supplies.

Fund Development Opportunities

Centered around fundraising to continue sponsoring outreach events.

Winter Fundraiser
Every winter, SWE-MN hosts a Silent Auction to raise money for member programs. Companies are encouraged to donate items for the auction.

Scholarship Opportunities

Providing scholarships to women in area high schools and colleges.

Certificate of Merit Program
SWE-MN contacts all Minnesota high schools to make them aware of the National SWE freshman scholarships and to offer certificates of recognition to high school junior and senior women who demonstrate strong skills in math, science and technology. Companies can sponsor the recognition certificates for $200 and postage for $200.
Scholarship Endowment
Companies can make donation to SWE-MN’s Scholarship Endowment, a fund managed by the National SWE Board of Trustees. Every year, interest earned on the account is used for the SWE-MN Section Scholarship for college students. Past scholarships have ranged from $500-$2000.